Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

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New Orleans

We just got back from New Orleans. We had a great time - the visit coincided with the weekend before Halloween and Voodoofest (free concerts) so there was plenty of revelry to behold in the French Quarter.

This photo shows us at the Superdome where we sadly witnessed my beloved Saints get thumped by the Ravens.

We also took a ride out to see the Lower 9th Ward. The damage is still devastating to see more than a year after the hurricane. Click here for more photos. Posted by Picasa

August entertains Dani

Sunday before last, we had dinner at Baba Neo Restaurant in Mountain View with August, Anand and Connie. Here August had Dani in stitches with her comedic repertoire.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dani and Hannah

Hannah stayed with us last night. Its such a treat to see her this often (she lives in Antioch). Posted by Picasa

Essam and Michelle Visits

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5 months

Can you believe Dani is already 5 months old! Posted by Picasa

Halton and Dani

Abbie gave birth to Halton more than 2 months ago. We finally paid them a visit last week!
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lara and Julian's Wedding

Hugh and I attended my childhood friends (and neighbor) wedding in Virginia over the weekend.
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Dinner with the Tembos

Hugh and I went to Virginia last week for my friends wedding. While there we were able to spend time with the Tembos. Susan prepared such a lovely dinner. We had a lot of fun chatting that when I asked for the time it was 1 AM! We would have stayed longer but the wedding was the following day.

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Visit from Nebraska

Scott came over last week to see Dani. We didnt get to see Lerion, Ava and Turner but we hope to visit them in the future. Posted by Picasa

Proscy's Birthday

We took my mom to Ruth's Chris for her 50th Birthday. Here she is with her "warm apple crumb tart".  Posted by Picasa

Day at the Park

We went to the park 2 Sundays ago. My mom and Grandmother was there too but we forgot to take pictues of them. Taking pictures of Dani and Hannah was a lot more fun :-)

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Slumber Party

Hannah stayed with us last Oct 7. She's 10 weeks old and looks so adorable!
Dani: Yeah theese are my cheeks
Hannah: Whoa! They're big!

Saints Fan

Dani's already a Saints fan! Hugh watched the Saints game with Dani 2 weeks ago before he left for North Carolina. With the look on his face, it doesn't look like they're doing as well as they did the last 3 games!

Visitors from the Philippines

Our Ninang Angie and Ninong Boy made a quick stop in California to see Dani. Their son Rudolf is Dani's Ninong, too bad he couldnt make it this timePosted by Picasa


Yuck! This tastes bland! I think I like ice cream better.

Ok I was kidding! Can you please feed me again :-)
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