Sunday, April 02, 2006


Last week Michelle and I saw Tsotsi, the winner of numerous film awards including this year's Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. I recommend everybody see this powerful movie which humanizes South Africa's terrible crime problem and shines a light over the class divide between the township and the suburb.

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Connie said...

Going to put that on my Netflix list. When I visited a South African township, everyone told me that even the locals wouldn't do that. The tour guide said to make sure to tell the hotel. In case I didn't make it back, they could send the police out to look for me! Pish, folks have reason to be angry, but they clearly weren't angry at me. I got a delicious meal out of my township visit and saw zero crime.

You changed the link to your blog but didn't tell anyone! I thought you hadn't posted since Feb because I was checking (the link from my blog). Grrr, hold still will ya!

BTW, very cool 3D image. Would make a beautiful album cover!