Sunday, July 02, 2006

World Cup Lamentations

Yes, I'm shocked Brazil lost. Deja vu all over again. France completely deserved this win and once again showed up to play beautiful soccer. Brazil? Well they just showed up. I still think Brazil has the deepest roster of quality players so I have to place the blame on Parreira and his mysterious line up choices. He stuck with an ineffective Ronaldo too long. He brought in Robinho too late. He should never have brought in Adriano. He should never have taken out Kaka.

I don't blame Ronaldinho but I do wonder what happened to the world's most brilliant player. He didn't bring his A game to the world's biggest sporting event. Strange.

England was also a disappointment. What happened to the team that was supposed to be the best England team in two decades? They certainly didn't show it this tournament. Wayne Rooney has always been a hothead ready to boil over at any minute. He deserved the red card and I hope he grows up quickly otherwise he'll squander his amazing talent.

It was also funny how Sven brought in Carragher for Lennon near the end of extra time we assume for Carragher's penalty kicking acumen. Of course Portugal keeper Ricardo saved Carragher, Gerrard, and Lampards kicks to knock England out. Brilliant goalkeeping or pathetic spot kicking - take your pick.

I've held a grudge against Germany since the Schumacher-Battiston incident in the 1982 World Cup. I've also found their brand of soccer over the years to be dull and soulless. Sort of the anti-Brazil. But I have to admit, Klinsmann has brought excitement into the German game with an attacking mindset and joyful attitude. They are my favorite of the remaining four to take the cup.

Someone mentioned to me there's still one African team left in the tournament...yes, he was talking about France. Allez Les Bleus!


Anonymous said...

The German papers wrote about Pele's comment made before the cup started, stating that Rhonaldinho, is not ready yet to lead the team this round. He was pampered by great players and a well oiled team in Barcelona, but the Brazilian squad didn't practice enough to gel, and he wasn't experienced enough to "lead" and turn a game in so little time.
Without our star Frings, Germany may have a very tough time with Italy. I just want a German win for the great city-center street parties (Munich, Berlin, etc.)
France looks fit and rising. I can't imagine Germany getting past their defense. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I agree Hughie, I don't know what happened to that vaunted Brazilian attack - to think that they didn't have a crack at goal until late in the game is shocking to say the least.
Just witnessed the "Azzurri" down Germany in OT. I am happy of course, since I never root for Germany, with Italy however, being a close second! Needless to say, I am throwing all my support behind Les Bleus. At least you can look at their lineup and just imagine that it is an African Team playing in the semi-finals of the World Cup...