Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We're headed to New Orleans!

Last night, the Saints played their first home game in the Superdome since the Katrina tragedy. The Saints did not disappoint their fans by whipping the Falcons 23-3. The Saints are 3-0! Who dat!

I've been a Saints fan for twenty years and moments of pure joy like last night have been few and far between. However, it makes it that much sweeter when the perennial underdog prevails.

Michelle and I will be going to New Orleans at the end of October for our first anniversary. We have tickets to see the Saints play the Ravens (left). Even though I've watched the Saints play the Raiders and Niners here in the Bay Area, this will be my first game in the Superdome. I can't wait!

Thanks to my buddy Mike Balak who suggested we visit New Orleans as a way to support the city as it slowly picks itself back up. It's a small gesture of support but tourism dollars will be a big help in the recovery effort. Please consider New Orleans in your vacation plans. Check out Spike Lee's documentary on HBO. Sadly, many parts of the city are still devastated. Posted by Picasa

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Michelle said...

Small gesture??? Please, after I'm done shopping they will be able to build a new dam!