Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dani's Day

In SPNS, parents have school jobs and rotational school day responsibilities. One of the rotational job is being an observer, one who follows a kid around and writes down interesting things the student does. Thursday is my off day and Dani was chosen by the observer, here's what she wrote:

"Dani's Day" as observed by Violeta Aguilar"

  • She sits right next to mom for circle time and participates in the first circle song, very cute she knows the song.
  • She listens to the story and then realizes that mom left, she tries to go to the door, but Melanie and I stopped her and now she is joining the activities again. She hugs her bear. Claire drops her bear and Dani picks it up for her and hands it, such nice manners! She listens to the brown bear brown bear story.
  • She thinks for a second what to do after circle, and goes to the sensory table, she makes a purple bear, using one finger and then finally both hands, she doesn't seem to like having paint so she goes to wash her hands.
  • She wants to go outside, but Minal convinces her to try something else and she makes a nice bear.
  • When done, she holds Matthew's hand, tries to be a nice friend and then she goes to the playroom and she is busy playing with a beads toy for a while. And then with the wood house, and sets up the whole family. She plays side by side with Becca and Evan.
  • Dani and Becca do a great job cleaning up. She is ready for circle time, and stands next to teacher Jill, then she sits to listen to "No! David" book. Sofia hugs Dani while listening to the book. Dani gets her Teddy Bear ears, and heads outside for our picninc. She wanders to the slide and later joins the picnic, and eats her bread, she is very quiet, and sits for a while until she decides to go to the playground and sand area.
  • She plays with Jeremy with a truck.
  • She goes with Minal to make a shaker, she loves touching the rice and hearing the sound it makes, She makes 3 and takes her time decorating.
  • She loves the rice so much that she wants to make more, but she goes to do playdough instead. She practices using scissors and helps clean up when the bell rings.
  • Dani and Evan ran into each other, when running to go inside for circle. Dani is brave and goes to mom. And sits with her, she is not happy. When the parachute comes out she is ready to join in. And enjoys the activity.
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