Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dineo and her Sleeping Beauty

Dineo and Sleeping Beauty has been inseparable since the beginning of the year. We've been good about asking her to keep Sleeping Beauty in the car while in school (it's too distractive for the other kids and she doesn't really like to share her).

This particular morning I asked her to leave Sleeping Beauty in the car, she replied with "I'll put her in the basket (the show and tell bin)". I thought it was cute and smart of her! We just started show and tell a few weeks back and she already made the connection that you can participate if you have a working parent (I volunteer in their school). Of course I realized it was all a big part of her plan to get Sleeping Beauty in the classroom! She tricked me! But I made sure Sleeping Beauty stayed in the bin. Of course that means lots and lots of tears.

Here's a video of her crying during show and tell. Watch her run when it was her turn. Notice that she couldn't even say a word! She was shocked and happy to finally be with Sleeping Beauty :-)

I can't wash Sleeping Beauty anymore, she's badly made and is falling apart. I almost bit the bullet, I almost purchased a few dolls around $30 each from Amazon (it was $15 from the Disney store)! I frequent the Disney store and found out today that they will be selling it again next month! yay! I just hope she doesn't recognize the difference.

BTW, one of the jobs in school is to be an observer. You follow a kid around and document their day. This one is the video observation.

FYI - she's dressed like that because its pajama day!!! :-)

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